Für einen natürlichen Bräunungseffekt auf Gesicht und Körper ohne Sonneneinwirkung bietet der Selbstbräuner für empfindliche Haut aus der CAPITAL SOLEIL-Reihe von VICHY eine einfache Anwendung und sorgt für eine gleichmäßige, streifenfreie und natürliche Bräune, während die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt wird.

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Q1: How to remove self tanner?

You wanted to get a little tan but want to get back to your normal skin color? There are several techniques to get rid of self tanner. You can opt for the DIY one with baby oil, baking soda and lemon or use a Vichy body scrub or cleanser : the best option to remove self tanner on sensitive skin.

Q2: How long does self tanner last?

Vichy’s melt-in self tanning lotion texture leaves a velvety non-greasy finish that hydrates your skin for up to 8 hours and leaves skin with a streak-free natural glow. It's also the best self-tanner for sensitive skin.

Q3: How to apply self tanner?

Start by exfoliating your skin to avoid the product to color dead skin cells. Then moisturize dry areas like ankles, feet, knees, elbows, wrists, palms… to avoid them to soak up too much color. Don’t forget to wear gloves to avoid your hands to color during the process. On dry skin, work one section at a time and apply the tanner in light, long vertical strokes until smooth and even.